Introducing Solstice Hot Sauce: Renew Mealtime with The Perfect Blend of Flavor and Heat!

Solstice Hot Sauce, based in Miami, Florida, is focused on helping you Renew Mealtime with our unique blend of flavors and heat. Launched with our flagship Original flavor, Solstice Hot Sauce is made from a combination of sweet pineapple and spicy habanero peppers. This combination creates a hot sauce that is both flavorful and fiery, making it the perfect addition to a variety of dishes. Whether you're a fan of spicy food or just looking to add some extra flavor to your meals, Solstice Hot Sauce is sure to become a new favorite.

The Inspiration

Solstice Hot Sauce was born from a garden full of hot peppers and a love for spicy food. After harvesting baskets full of hot peppers, we started experimenting with different hot sauce recipes, trying to find the perfect balance of flavor and heat. After much trial and error, we created a recipe that everyone loved. When friends started asking where to buy our hot sauce, we realized there was a real market for it. That's when we decided to turn our passion for hot sauce into a business and launch Solstice Hot Sauce.

Every great business needs a name. At Solstice Hot Sauce, we have a passion for renewable and sustainable energy. We knew we wanted to have some reference to the sun. On top of that, being based in Miami, the sun is king! The sun evokes the thought of the heat, happiness, and the tropics - a perfect compliment to a hot sauce company striving to create bright, fresh flavors. From there, the name Solstice Hot Sauce was born. And yes, our two favorite days of the year are the Summer and Winter Solstice.

Why Solstice?

At Solstice, flavor and quality is of the utmost importance. We enjoy eating and cooking, and think the sauce should complement, not overwhelm the experience. You'll never buy a sauce from us that feels like a chemical burn. You'll also never find low quality or artificial ingredients in our sauce. We won't add processed sugar (look for natural sweeteners like agave nectar or honey), and we will NEVER add water. 

Discover the Heat and Flavor of Solstice Hot Sauce

We take our mission seriously at Solstice, and we hope that shows every time you taste one of our sauces. We would love to connect with you on Instagram (@SolsticeHotSauce) and see how you use our sauce. And, we hope our mission statement resonates as much with you as it does with us:


The art of “just getting by” may be the path of least resistance, but when push comes to shove, the wide road is not one we have any interest taking. When we do a job, we do it well. When we find a worthy cause, we take it on with both hands, and when we break bread with the loved ones in our lives, we respect the sacred nature of the gathering by using only the highest quality ingredients to properly savor the moment. We know that life is finite, and when our last meal has been enjoyed we want the footprint we’ve left behind to be one of honest sustainability and a full life’s worth of experiences for the coming generations.

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